L'lisa Guischard

Real Estate Professonal

About L'lisa Guischard

Step into a World of Real Estate Magic with Me, L'lisa Guischard, Your AI-Certified Realtor!  With over three decades of experience, I bring the perfect blend of expertise and innovation to your doorstep. Imagine finding your dream home effortlessly, where every detail resonates with your aspirations. That's my promise to you! 

I'm not just a Realtor; I'm your partner in this exciting journey. My multicultural background and AI certification mean I understand your unique needs, ensuring a personalized, tailor-made experience. Whether you're buying, selling, or investing, I use the latest AI technology to make every step seamless and stress-free. 

Let's turn your real estate dreams into reality, one key at a time. Together, we'll explore homes that match your vision and lifestyle, creating a story where you truly belong. Your dream home is just a click away – let's make it happen!